"Fabulous Big Band"
19-brass1 Excerpts from http://www.bigband-era.com/forum/messages/2886.html - posted by George Aust on July 03, 2002

"My wife and I attended the Glenn Miller Festival in Clarinda, Iowa for the 3rd year in a row this past month and once again they put on a sensational program of 10 different big bands from all over the country and the world plus panel discussions and speakers, parade, and Glenn Miller scholarship competition and much more. We try to do and see everything in four days and leave happy but exhausted.

Somebody needs to tell the world about one of those great big bands that played there last year and this year again. They never invite the same bands two years in a row, but this band was so good that the festival officials made an exception and were festival goers ever happy about it.

It's the "Classic Big Band" and the "Nostalgics Quartet" from Minneapolis. Wow! These people play the music the way it was played back during the glory days of the swing era. I get so tired of the bands today who don't even come close to the sounds and the arrangements from the great bands and they don't seem to care. This band plays arrangements that NOBODY else plays these days. Not just the same standard hits over and over. ... "

"I have no connection with this organization whatsoever other than enjoying the heck out of them. We live in California but are considering flying back there just to hear this great Band and their equally great singers.

By the way, they play from the books of all the big bands not just Miller. But oh what sweet sounds they get on those Miller arrangements. You people in the area [Twin Cities] give yourselves a treat and HEAR THIS BAND