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Includes many favorites plus some popular but less often heard tunes!

All The Way
A Little Bit South of
North Carolina
A Nightingale Sang in
Berkeley Square
Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy
Chattanooga Choo Choo
Dippermouth Blues
Elmer's Tune
Jukebox Saturday Night
I've Got You Under My Skin
Mack The Knife
On A Clear Day
Over The Rainbow
Sleepy Lagoon
Take It
Traffic Jam
Why Don't You Do Right

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Recording Session210 Judy and DonnaTHE CD RECORDING SESSION ...
Doc Odegaard and The Classic Big Band members hope you get as many hours of listening pleasure from these classics of the 40s and 50s as they had in recreating them!
Recording SessionRecording SessionJudy, Joel, Pam, and Reeves
hope you enjoy their efforts to recreate some of the best harmony and vocal music of the 40s and 50s!
Invited to Festival Two Years Running for Good Reason!
Here's a review of their CD.
QUOTE FROM "Miller Notes" CD Raves by George Aust, October 2003
"How lucky we are to have such really great bands invited to the Glenn Miller Festival each year. The past couple of years, in particular, we've had some outstanding aggregations. In some cases those bands had CDs so that we can keep on enjoying their performances after the Festival.

Unfortunately quite often those CDs are a disappointment, not really sounding like the live performance that was so exciting to us as listeners and dancers. One reason for this is some bands really aren't that good to begin with but can put just enough razzle-dazzle on stage to distract the audience from a rather mediocre performance.

But sometimes even good bands just don't sound as we remember them. While listening to a CD in the car driving down the freeway or interstate, something seems different. Often this is caused by the recording engineer's choice and placement of the equipment. Often it is a result of bad mixing. getting the right balance is all important in reproducing the same sound or blend that the bandleader has so carefully honed in the months and years of working with his musicians.

For my reviews I've chosen CDs by the featured bands of the Saturday night dance for the 2002 and 2003 Glenn Miller Festivals. This review addresses the CD by the Classic Big Band.

177-Doc Odegaard
The Classic Big Band and the Nostalgics Quartet had that honor for 2002 and they released their first CD the same year. This band under the direction of Dan Odegaard is one of the best bands on recreating the great Glenn Miller arrangements. Add to that the vocal abilities of the Nostalgics Quartet and you have top notch entertainment.

Their CD entitled "The Classic Big Band and The Nostalgics Sing It and Swing It" is a nice mix of modern instrumental arrangements (three of those) and classics from various Big Bands, as well as a couple of modern vocal arrangements. Happily the rest of the CD is filled with those great Miller arrangements that we all love.

"Jukebox Saturday Night" is the first of those, with the Nostalgics showing what they can do and that's plenty. No... they don't sound like the Modernaires. They are, after all, two men and two women as opposed to the Mods four male voices.

165-Reeves Cary
Reeves Cary, who as part of the Nostalgics blends his voice with his comrads so beautifully, solos in a couple of Frank Sinatra standards. Fortunately, Reeves does it "his way" and both his rendition and the accompanying arrangements are strictly original. "I've Got You Under My Skin" is a Chet Howard arrangement and the performance is tops.

The Nostalgics are featured again on "Perfida" followed by an absolutely gorgeous rendition of the Miller instrumental "Sleepy Lagoon" that one would be hard pressed to tell from the original.

164 Judy Olson52-Bill Kotrba
A surprise is the seldom-heard Miller arrangement of "Just A Little Bit South of North Carolina," expertly belted by the Nostalgics' member, Judy Olson. "Dipper Mouth Blues" follows but is not performed with the same energy that we are used to from Glenn's original transcriptions. "A Nightingale Sang in Berkeley Square" is another beautiful performance with Reeves Cary showing that he is the equal of all the boy singers of the past. Be sure to listen to the fine sax solo by Bill Kotrba.

With seventeen tracks, this CD has a good balance of new and old, hot and pretty, and samplings of several great bands. Although not perfect, it is a CD that you will be able to listen to many times over and hear something new each time."